Moskva River Cruise onboard the designer ship "Volna" outbound from Ustinsky Bridge

An exquisite dinner in the restaurant on the roofed deck of the vessel will add to your experience on river cruise. Renovated romantic "Provence" style interior will complement your pleasant impressions.

Discount applies only to online bookings!

Adult ticket (to Kievsky Wharf)

890,00 ₽ 1780,00 ₽

Children’s ticket (to Kievsky Wharf)

690,00 ₽ 1380,00 ₽

Adult ticket

от 1590,00 ₽ 3180,00 ₽

Children’s ticket

от 890,00 ₽ 1780,00 ₽

  • Departure:
    Kitay-Gorod/Ustinsky Wharf, Sector “B”
  • Ship:
  • Cruise duration:
    3 h.
  • Schedule:
    at 10:38, 13:38, 16:38, 19:38
Onboard features:
River Cruise Description

The restaurant's premium menu and unique dish presentation will be the highlight of the event. The main atmosphere will be set by the views of glittering Moscow, which will open before you during the river cruise.

It is prohibited to bring your own food and drinks on board the ship.

Restaurant menu on board the ship

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