Excursion to Tsarskoye Selo to the White Swan Temple in Troitse-Lykovo via a river stopgate on the luxury boat "Sobol", "Augustina"

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Adult ticket with breakfast and lunch

3190,00 ₽ 6380,00 ₽

Adult ticket with breakfast

2790,00 ₽ 5580,00 ₽

Adult ticket without meals

2490,00 ₽ 4980,00 ₽

Children’s ticket (5-12 y/o) with breakfast

2490,00 ₽ 4980,00 ₽

Children’s ticket (5-12 y/o) with breakfast and lunch

2890,00 ₽ 5780,00 ₽

Children’s ticket (5-12 y/o) without meals

2290,00 ₽ 4580,00 ₽

  • Departure:
    Moscow City Expocenter
  • Ship:
    Sobol, Augustina
  • Cruise duration:
    63 h.
  • Schedule:
    at 9:15
Onboard features:


Cruise route and program

Expocenter (Moscow City), MIBC Moscow City - Shelepikhinsky and Dorogomilovsky bridges - Filyovskaya floodplain - Passage of lock No. 9 of the Canal named after. Moscow - Rechnik village - Khoroshevsky bridge - Khoroshevsky straightening - Shchukino - Trinity-Lykovo pier - Walking to the monastery, 1 hour excursion accompanied by a guide - and back towards the Expo Center


Ham and cheese sandwich, tea, coffee

Vegetable salad
Chicken kebab
Dessert: Honey cake (Medovik)
Hot beverage of choice: tea or coffee 200ml.

The chef reserves the right to make some changes in the lunch and dinner menu without reducing the volume and quality of provided services.
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