River cruise on the panoramic "River Palace" ship in the center of Moscow with lunch or dinner

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Adult ticket, without meals

1100,00 ₽ 3300,00 ₽

Children’s ticket, without meals (age 6 and above)

600,00 ₽ 1800,00 ₽

Menu set STANDART №1

2540,00 ₽ 5080,00 ₽

Menu set STANDART №2

2540,00 ₽ 5080,00 ₽

Menu set PREMIUM

3760,00 ₽ 7520,00 ₽


4780,00 ₽ 9560,00 ₽

  • Departure:
    City Expo Center wharf
  • Ship:
    River Palace (Ривер Палас)
  • Cruise duration:
    3 h.
  • Schedule:
    at 12:00, 15:00, 16:00, 19:00, 20:00
Onboard features:

Each set includes appetizers, salads, main courses, desserts and drinks. The ship departs from the central pier "Moscow City Expocenter" with the route to all the main sights of Moscow, turning around at the House of Music and returning back to the "Moscow City Expocenter" pier.

The price of the ticket without meals includes a river cruise on a VIP-level ship and an opportunity to order meals from the restaurant menu of your choice, for an additional fee.

The ticket price with meals includes a cruise along the Moskva River on a VIP-level ship, as well as lunch (dinner) according to one of the sets specified in the description of the cruise.
Modern premium "class" cruise liner with a restaurant on board. By choosing a river trip on the ship "River Palace" guests can count on comfortable accommodation at separate tables for the required number of people, luxurious interiors, high level of service, and, of course, excellent cuisine. The ship is equipped with modern air-conditioning and lighting systems, audio and other equipment. The original design of the ship has two spacious decks. The upper ("promenade") deck has wicker furniture, and the lower (main) deck is a spacious hall with panoramic windows.
Panoramic "River Palace" ship

The width of the yacht is more than 10 meters, length is more than 68 meters. The yacht-restaurant "River Palace" has class of the River Register P1,2 and makes leisure cruises on the Moskva River exclusively during the summer navigation period.
River Palace ships are luxurious in all respects! Baroque interior elements, panoramic windows made of Italian glass, gilded chandeliers made of rock crystal, marble floor finishing. Designed for 300 seats for a river cruise.
River Cruise route

"Moscow City Expocenter" pier (departure) -> World Trade Center -> House of the Russian Government -> Moscow City Hall -> "Ukraine" Hotel -> Kievskaya Square -> Novodevichy Monastery -> "Luzhniki" Stadium-> St. Trinity Church on Sparrow Hills -> M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University -> Neskuchny Garden -> Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) -> Church of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki -> Khamovniki Central Park. Lomonosov -> Neskuchny Garden -> Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) -> Church of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki -> Gorky Central Park -> Krymsky Bridge -> Central House of Artists -> Monument to Peter the Great -> Cathedral of Christ the Savior -> Variety Theater -> House on the Embankment -> Kremlin (return) <- "Moscow City Expocenter" pier (arrival).
River Cruise route

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Lunch/dinner menu (included in the price of a ticket with meals)

STANDART №1 - 2540 rubles

Salad - Baked vegetable salad with soft cheese and green sauce (150 grams)
Hot - Chicken polpette with spicy bulgur and vegetables with demi-glace sauce (250 grams)
Dessert - Carrot cake with orange and nuts (90 grams)

Drinks - Tea/coffee/juice/mors/glass of wine

STANDART №2 - 2540 rubles

Salad - Mini mozzarella with tomatoes and basil sauce (150 grams)
Hot - Cod back with Orzo pasta and cream and caviar sauce (250 grams)
Dessert - Hazelnut-caramel cake (90 grams)
Drinks - Tea/coffee/juice/mors/glass of wine

PREMIUM - 3760 rubles

Salad - Greek salad with feta cheese and Provencale sauce (190 grams)
Hot - Halibut fillet with mashed potatoes and herb sauce (260 grams)
Dessert - Brownie cake with salted caramel and nuts (90 grams)
Drinks - Tea/coffee/juice/mors/glass of wine

EXCLUSIVE - 4780 rubles

Salad - Classic Caesar salad with tiger prawns and anchovy dressing (180 grams)
Hot - Marbled Striploin Steak with roasted tomato and mushroom sauce (260 grams)
Dessert - Caramel terrine with hazelnut (90 grams)
Drinks - Tea/coffee/juice/mors/glass of wine

On board restaurant menu

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